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Contact phone:  +370 444 22391




The Association is aiming to satisfy the needs and interests of the members in the below mentioned fields:

  • to focus personal and common efforts of the members of the association searching for new milk and dairy product markets as well as implement other tasks and objective;

  • to consult and deliver resource help to the members of the Association;

  • promote new dairy production technologies and implement advanced experience;

  • motivate and raise the qualification of employees and members of the Association;

  • accumulate and disseminate scientific, methodological and comparative material for the members of the Association;

  • endeavor that the members of the Association would be competitive with their price of raw milk and dairy products comparing to other companies in Lithuania, the EU and other countries;

  • analyse and evaluate the market of raw milk and dairy products, prepare recommendations related to developing of the dairy market and provide the information to the members;

  • cultivate economic relationship with institutions and organizations within the country and abroad, develop marketing and promote advanced sales technologies and other commercial activities;

  • stimulate the appliance of advanced raw milk and dairy product production technologies. Organize and take part in meetings, exhibitions, seminars and conferences;

  • represent the interests of the members of the Association in all institutions and organizations of local authority and state government;

  • etc

The Association of Lithuanian
Dairy Farms 

Company code 180878484

VAT number 100001742210

Address:  Luokės str. 73, Telšiai


Phone no.: +370 444 22391

Fax: +370 444 69205

Account No. LT504010042800010891

Bank: AB DNB bank

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