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Contact phone:  +370 444 22391

About Us

The Association of Lithuanian Dairy Farms is a voluntary association of milk and dairy product producers and processors and related legal and natural persons providing legal services to the dairy processors. The Association was established on the basis of the decision of members – the founders and carrying out economic, social, scientific researches and other functions 

The Association of Lithuanian Dairy Farms was registered in 23rd January 2002 and represents a variety of members of the dairy sector: the dairy farms of entire Lithuania and three major Lithuanian dairy producers. 

The Goal

The goal is to focus personal and common efforts of the members of the Association aiming to produce higher quality raw milk in the dairy farms which will be used by the dairy processors to produce high quality and salable dairy products by adapting the experience obtained and modern production technologies aiming to cherish the partnership and mutual confidence.


Fostering and retention of mutual trust, collaboration and partnership of the members of the Association aiming to satisfy the interests of the members.          

The Association of Lithuanian
Dairy Farms 

Company code 180878484

VAT number LT100001742210

Address:  Luokės str. 73, Telšiai


Phone no.: +370 444 22391

Fax: +370 444 69205

Account No. LT504010042800010891

Bank: AB DNB bank

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