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      You can’t fool the buyers. When it comes to the family shopping basket, they choose the quality, taste and good price criteria. This is best reflected in the contest of the most popular shopping item in our country. Products of the Lithuanian company Žemaitijos pienas have earned special appreciation of the buyers. They’ve received five awards in the contest..



In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.
The Association of Lithuanian
Dairy Farms 

Company code 180878484

VAT number LT100001742210

Address:  Luokės str. 73, Telšiai


Phone no.: +370 444 22391

Fax: +370 444 69205

Account No. LT504010042800010891

Bank: AB DNB bank

                 Lithuanians are a nation which loves dairy products. As much as five products of Žemaitijos pienas, the company with huge experience, have been ranked as the most popular items purchased in our country.

           It is said that store shelves like a mirror reflect what buyers keep in their refrigerators. Only a few families in Lithuania can do without the grated hard cheese DŽIUGAS, the 9% fat curd Žemaitijos, the cheese sticks Pik-Nik, the mixed fat spread Saulutė and the vanilla curd cheese Magija.



        The popularity of these products among the consumers has been revealed by the traditional contest “The Most Popular Item 2016” organized by the Lithuanian Trade Enterprises’ Association.

        In the annual contest, organized since 2009, nominees in various categories are distinguished by the consumers’ choice, i.e. by sales in the majority of the country’s commercial networks, and quality criteria.

Therefore, one can confidently say that the result of the contest is the greatest compliment of the consumers to the Lithuanian manufacturers.

         For the sixth consecutive year, the main prize in the contest and the title of the most popular item of the year were awarded to Džiugas cheese, produced by the company Žemaitijos pienas.

This cheese has long ago surpassed other hard cheeses that can be found on the shelves of the largest shopping centres in Lithuania.

         And for the second consecutive year already, this cheese, grated and packed in a pack of 100 grams, also has been awarded. Before that, for four years, the hard cheese Džiugas Mild, ripened for 12 months and broken into pieces, had been the king of the consumers’ hearts and shopping carts.

        The manufacturers of the cheese observe that the demand for hard cheese in Lithuania is growing every year, and the consumers become more and more loyal to their national products.

In addition, one may say that DŽIUGAS cheese has become one of the symbols of Lithuania.

Lithuanians often bring the said cheese as a delicious gift to their friends, business partners or relatives abroad.

        The customers’ opinion becomes the greatest encouragement to the manufacturers to maintain the quality of products and create new products.

         The peelable cheese sticks Pik-Nik, a product of Žemaitijos pienas, that once was unexpected news, has received the award of the most popular item in Lithuania for the third consecutive year.

Probably no one can imagine a party, picnic or hike without these cheese sticks. And no wonder: Pik-Nik is a healthy natural snack, rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins.

        100 grams of the peelable cheese sticks Pik-Nik contain 82.5% of the recommended amount of calcium and 50% of the recommended daily amount of phosphorus; also this product is a source of proteins and vitamin A.

          Because of their playful tearing structure, these cheese sticks are especially liked by and suitable for children, as they are produced without preservatives, colourants and flavour enhancers.

The glazed curd cheese Magija Vanilla has been appreciated by the customers for as long as eight consecutive years. Probably it is deserved, as the milk products of Magija brand are made only from the highest quality materials.

            The glazed curd cheese Magija contains 84.5% of curd.

The curd for the cheeses is produced using the Fluffy Curd Technology, most progressive and patented in Europe.

          Another product of Žemaitijos pienas is the semi-fat 9% curd Žemaitijos which is the favourite among the residents of Lithuania for the fourth consecutive year. People like the freshness of the curd, good value for money and a handy package.

      These advantages of the product have resulted due to considerable expertise. The curd has been produced in Žemaitijos pienas since its inception in 1924, and traditional mastery of the curd making has been maintained to this day. Žemaitijos semi-fat 9 percent curd is made from the highest quality raw materials only.

          It has both soft and grainy texture.

The curd is a tasty dairy product that can be eaten separately, and is also perfect for making cold or hot dishes and desserts.

         Therefore, the manufacturer offers the buyers the exclusive 1-kilogram package of Žemaitijos semi-fat curd. This is a practical choice.

       This year, for the first time, the residents of Lithuania have appreciated one more product of Žemaitijos pienas, a mixed fat spread Saulutė, which has been produced using a unique patented technology for more than two decades already.

       It is a dairy product, where part of milk fat has been replaced with vegetable fat, high quality rapeseed oil. It contains beneficial vitamins A and E. Consumers love that this fat spread is easily applied and has excellent taste.

       Employees of the company Žemaitijos pienas are glad that their products are appreciated and thank the buyers for their loyalty. They will continue to let the consumers enjoy high-quality products.

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