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          One of the most famous world's cheese exhibitions - "the International Cheese Awards Nantwich 2015" took place on 28-29th of July at Nantwitch city, UK. The most competitive cheese specialists and gourmets from all around the world gathered to the prestigious exhibition, where the authoritative commission evaluates cheeses, professional chefs' cooking shows are prepared and the best performances are rewarded.

For the fifth time from Nantwitch - with awards

In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.
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     The exhibition was visited by around 43 000 visitors.The representatives of "Žemaitijos pienas" attended the 118th biggest international cheese exhibition for the fifth year in a row and were awarded with the highest awards. In addition, beneficial business contacts were established, which would open the ways to England market. In the category „Processed Cheese with Additives“, the sliced cheese NIDA with Provence herbs had no competitors. It was awarded with a gold medal.

         Hard cheese DŽIUGAS was successful as well. Its 24-month-ripened chop head was awarded with the "Highly commended" evaluation in the category "Speciality Cheese-Hard pressed". On the first day of the exhibition, the stand was visited and Samogitian products were tasted not only by the buyers of cheese importing companies, but also by the representatives of the biggest networks "Waitrose", "Asda" and "Coop". Eye-catching broken pieces of hard cheese DŽIUGAS was delicately served on wooden tables with flags referring to cheese DŽIUGAS maturity. Britons were surprised by the unusual DŽIUGAS and honey combination and after tasting it, praised the harmony of tastes of gentle piquant hard cheese and natural Lithuanian honey.

           The second day of the exhibition was devoted to the visitors, who could not only taste, but also to purchase the production of Samogitian cheese makers. Everybody praised cheese DŽIUGAS. Processed smoked cheese snack MILDĖ attracted huge attention as well. The buyers appreciated it for its uniqueness, quality and ingenuity of the package.

MAGIJA glazed curd cheese was also under the spotlight. It was praised for originality and unique taste. This product for Britons was a novelty and MAGIJA cheese reminded them of cheese cake. Most of the exhibition visitors wanted to buy the tasteful Samogitian products, so a long queue of buyers was formed on the peak of the trade. >NEWS>For the fifth time from Nantwitch - with awards

In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.
In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.
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