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Chocolate magic – that is how the success of the Lithuanian chocolate curd cheese Magija may be called. 


Chocolate curd cheese MAGIJA received the highest evaluation from world experts – three golden stars! 

In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.
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This delicacy was much appreciated not only by the Lithuanian lovers of good taste: at the world contest Superior Taste AWARD 2015 that took place in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, this healthy and splendid dessert received the highest evaluation – 3 golden starts!


This prestigious annual contest is organised by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQI).


The committee consists of members of the greatest European and culinary sommelier institutions, kitchen chefs and food experts. The products are evaluated blindly: neither member of the committee knows the name of the product, its packaging, producer, or the country it comes from.


Magija cocoa-flavoured cheese with real black chocolate chips amazed the experts from all over the world with its wonderful taste and unblemished quality. Even though people from many European countries do not have curd desserts in their food ration and have never even tried it, the chocolate Magija enchanted them too.


Food experts evaluated and perceived this fresh and healthy curd snack as delicious and splendid at the same time.


Plenty of fresh curd with real black chocolate chips and a thick layer of cocoa glaze made of carefully selected kind of cocoa make this curd cheese special. This dessert is greatly appreciated by both small and big gourmands.


The family of Magija glazed curd cheese consists of five different cheese desserts. The classical vanilla cheese reveals the perfect harmony of vanilla-flavoured curd and cocoa glazing. A little more piquant type of cheese is spiced with poppy seeds, slightly crispy with nut aroma.


Sweet food lovers appreciate the only curd cheese with the taste of condensed milk and toffee glazing. Not only children find it difficult to resist these desserts. Their mothers and grandmothers like to have this snack with their afternoon coffee or tea – they know it is a healthy dessert!


The proteins in the curd contain all amino acids, calcium and phosphorus salts necessary to human body. They are necessary for growing bones, blood production and good work of heart and nervous system. That is why this curd is especially good not only to children but also to older people.


The glazed curd cheese Magija contains 84.5 percent of fresh curd.


It is also important to note that the family members of Magija are produced according to the fluffy curd technology patented in Europe. Milk becomes fluffy curd without any food additives: thickeners, stabilizers or preservatives. That is why the cheese is so fluffy and simply melts in mouth. >NEWS>Chocolate curd cheese Magija received the highest evaluation from world experts – three golden stars! 

In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.


There is a reason why the chocolate magic enchanted food experts from all around the world. Recognising the taste of the Lithuanian cheese Magija they gave this product three golden stars.

May this moment never end. The moment of a magical taste.

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