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In France


The following spring is particularly successful for hard cheese DŽIUGAS in France, because from now on it is sold in one of the most prestigious stores in Paris – LA GRANDE EPICERIE DE PARIS – BON MARCHÉ. 


Spring tours of Samogitian products 

In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.
The Association of Lithuanian
Dairy Farms 

Company code 180878484

VAT number LT100001742210

Address:  Luokės str. 73, Telšiai


Phone no.: +370 444 22391

Fax: +370 444 69205

Account No. LT504010042800010891

Bank: AB DNB bank >NEWS>Spring tours of Samogitian products 

Among worldwide recognized cheese you can also find there Lithuanian cheese. The said store is one of the 50 must-visit places of the world, so, hopefully, cheese DŽIUGAS would be soon one of the 50 must-taste cheese in the world. We are glad that French people more often return to Paris cheese stores looking for unique hard cheese DŽIUGAS, asking where they can buy it and interested in its origin and manufacturing characteristics. We can optimistically admit that French cheese experts and lovers highly appreciate and gradually recognize Samogitian hard cheese DŽIUGAS.

In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.

For the second year in a row, the event of presenting and tasting hard cheese DŽIUGAS and other ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS products is organized in the Lithuanian Embassy in Paris, France. Specialized cheese stores owners, workers, food distributors and cheese connoisseurs participate in a cozy get-together. Here in more detail they learn about the history of ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS and its products, also are introduced with Lithuanian values and long-lasting traditions.

In England


On March 22 – 25, in London, England, was held one of the most famous food and drink exhibitions IFE 2015. In this exhibition ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS presented not only the vast range of gourmet cheese DŽIUGAS, but also mineral water TICHĖ. The stand was visited by the delegates from Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Russia, the UK, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Finland, Poland, Israel and other countries. 

In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.
In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.

Exhibition visitors were particularly astonished by unusual cheese DŽIUGAS and honey mix: after tasting it, they praised the balanced flavour of gently savory hard cheese and natural Lithuanian honey. A lot of visitors were asking where they could by unique Lithuanian hard cheese. Smoked cheese snack MILDĖ was praised because of its uniqueness, quality and packaging ingenuity. Over 40 useful contacts with participants from 12 countries were made in the exhibition. New contacts would definitely strengthen Samogitian products development in Europe and other countries in the world.


In Japan


On March 3-6, in Tokyo, Japan, was held one of the most famous food and beverage tradeshows in Asia – FOODEX JAPAN 2015, where ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS participated for the first time and introduced not only the vast range of cheese DŽIUGAS, peelable cheese sticks PIK-NIK and Processed smoked cheese snack MILDĖ, but also exceptional quality mineral water TICHĖ. 

In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.

Prestigious exhibition were attended by over 2,900 companies from 78 countries around the world. Company’s stand was visited by delegates from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Belgium, France, Spain and other countries. In connection with it, over 100 useful contacts has been made, which would enchase the market development in Japan and other East Asia countries. Visitors were astonished by the range of opportunities how to use cheese DŽIUGAS – from making desserts to flavouring, tasted cheese willingly and evaluated it.

Professionals praised ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS products because of its uniqueness, quality and packaging ingenuity.

Visitors were particularly interested in Japan and Korea particularly popular peelable cheese sticks PIK-NIK equivalent and smoked cheese snack MILDĖ, in unique glazed curd cheese MAGIJA, the unusual curd friability of which was admired by visitors.

Smoked cheese snack RAMBYNO SNACK is already available in prestigious specialized HISADA stores. This fact illustrates an obvious evaluation of Lithuanian cheese in developing cheese markets in Japan. Following the huge interest in ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS dairy products, they are presented to costumers at point of sales in AKITA.

In Poland


In March, ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS traditionally participated in one of the largest trade fairs in Poland EUROGASTRO 2015. 

It is probably the most significant event for the HoReCa sector, held in Poland. This year Company’s stand was largely visited by neighbors’ gastronomy experts who were looking for innovations, actively and with curiosity valued new and already well known dairy products without any fear to experiment with them. One type of such visitors was the masters of Japanese cuisine in Warsaw.

In photograph: Sonata Liepienė  „Šilutės Rambynas“ and Akvilė Ulinskaitė „BMVK“.

Evaluated the advantages of hard cheese DŽIUGAS, Japanese began to create a new recipe. The very next day sushi was presented in Lithuanian stand. First, sushi was made with 12 months matured cheese DŽIUGAS, later the recipe was improved by adding 36 months matured cheese DŽIUGAS with salmon and black rice and finally was created beautiful sushi with peelable cheese sticks.

In the 19th international trade fair EUROGASTRO 2015 hosted in Warsaw 278 exhibitors from fourteen countries presented their products. Visitors of Samogitian stand had an opportunity to learn about other ŽEMAITIJOS PIENAS production. Visitors who were looking for new products with pleasure tasted MILDĖ, MAGIJA, PIK-NIK products. There was felt a huge interest in organic products as well.

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