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Features of fresh peelable cheese sticks

  • Due to unique texture of the cheese sticks, you can have fun while splitting them.

  • Pik-Nik are excellent, soft, fresh, and nutritious peelable cheese sticks.

  • One cheese stick is equivalent to one glass of milk.

  • One cheese stick contains 20 percent of daily calcium intake.


The Association of Lithuanian
Dairy Farms 

Company code 180878484

VAT number LT100001742210

Address:  Luokės str. 73, Telšiai


Phone no.: +370 444 22391

Fax: +370 444 69205

Account No. LT504010042800010891

Bank: AB DNB bank

  • No preservatives, no artificial colourings, or artificial flavours.

  • The peelable cheese sticks are wrapped in a hygienic package, so they are convenient to take on a journey or trip.

  • Excellent snack to satisfy your hunger and above all it is well-nourished healthy food.

  • It is a rich source of calcium, perfect combination of proteins and vitamins A and E.

Fresh peelable cheese sticks

Pik-Nik peelable cheese sticks is a healthy, natural food product, rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

 100 g of peelable cheese sticks contain:

  • 82.5 percent of recommended daily calcium intake;

  • 64 percent of recommended daily phosphorus intake.

Before eating, it is recommended to leave cheese sticks out at room temperature (23–24 °C) for some time. They will become tastier, more aromatic, and will look more appealing.

Fresh peelable cheese sticks production peculiarities

Pik-Nik peelable cheese sticks are made from top-quality milk.

 Every day in the laboratory of the company production process undergoes microbiologic and chemical analysis to ensure that Pik-Nik meets the highest quality standards. Periodical testing of microbiological and chemical indicators is performed by the National Veterinary Laboratory. Production of these cheese sticks demands long time and effort. Equipment used to produce cheese sticks meets the highest European requirements.

After testing in the laboratory, milk is pasteurized, curdled, all necessary components are put into cheese making machine. Ready cheese mass acquires fibred texture. Automatic equipment cuts it into cheese sticks, after that they are chilled and packed.

Awards granted to Pik-Nik peelable cheese sticks

Pik-Nik peelable cheese sticks have been awarded many honours in Lithuania and abroad:

  • In 2002, at the Agrobalt exhibition, Pik-Nik peelable cheese was awarded a gold medal and nominated as a Product of the Year;

  • In 2005, 2008, and 2010 at the Prodexpo exhibition in Moscow, it was awarded a gold medal;

  • In 2006 it received an award from the magazine Good Taste;

  • In 2010, at the exhibition Peterfood 2010, the cheese was granted a gold medal and diploma for innovations.

  • In 2011, a record of the longest Pik-Nik cheese stick – 384.92 m - was achieved.

  • In 2012 Pik-Nik with cured ham was awarded a silver medal in Product of the Year competition. >NEWS>Fresh peelable cheese sticks

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