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Džiugas is an award-winning Lithuanian cheese, now available in the UK.  A continental hard cheese, its flavours are well balanced but complex, due to the mature age at which it is eaten  (between 12 and 36 months).  It offers an unusual but gourmet addition to a cheeseboard and, as an ingredient, it is frequently used as an alternative to Parmigiano Reggiano.  Džiugas has a taste that combines a savoury strength with subtle fruity overtones and a texture that has a crystalline crunch inside its creamy smoothness.  In Lithuania, it is the national equivalent of Gouda to the Dutch or Parmigiano Reggiano for the Italians.  When mature it is traditionally eaten in chunks or pieces, to increase the surface area and intensify the taste. >NEWSIntroducing award winning Džiugas cheese a giant discovery for the cheeseboard 



Džiugas is presented in a choice of maturities from 12, 18, 24 and 36 months.  A recent expert panel tasted  ‘Piquant ’(18 months) and ‘Delicate’ (24 months)  and said Džiugas offers a journey from a young creaminess with floral almost hay like high notes  to a mature spicy savoury/sweet mix that speaks of nuts and salted caramel. It has won accolades from the Global Cheese Awards, the International Cheese Show and the International Taste and Quality Institute.

The benefits of adding Džiugas to a cheeseboard go beyond the opportunity to bring another distinctive taste to the mix.  It has a fascinating legend, which says the cheese was created by the Giant Džiugas to celebrate his marriage to his wife.  They lived long and happily and finally gave the recipe for their cheese to the local villagers who still believe that it passes on the giant’s joy and strength to all who eat it.  In Lithuania it is frequently served with a dab of honey and nuts or fruit, all of which perfectly complement its flavours.

Džiugas is available through Carron Lodge amongst other distributors.   For more information please contact: E. mail:

The Association of Lithuanian
Dairy Farms 

Company code 180878484

VAT number LT100001742210

Address:  Luokės str. 73, Telšiai


Phone no.: +370 444 22391

Fax: +370 444 69205

Account No. LT504010042800010891

Bank: AB DNB bank

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